September 13-16, 2022
Dublin, Ireland + Virtual
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Wednesday, September 14

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Distributed Tracing Integration with OpenTelemetry and Knative - Daniel Oh, Red Hat Wicklow Hall 2A (Level 2) Panel: Growing Open Source in the Irish Government - Clare Dillon, Open Ireland Network; Tony Shannon, Government of Ireland; Tim Willoughby, Ireland's Police Service; Gar Mac Criosta, Linux Foundation Public Health... Wicklow Meeting Room 1 (Level 2) Interactive Debugging of Dockerfile With Buildg - Kohei Tokunaga, NTT Corporation Wicklow Hall 1 (Level 2) Board Farms for Everyone: Making Hardware Debugging Easier and Sharing Boards Across the Globe! - Christopher Obbard, Collabora Ltd Liffey Hall 1 (Level 1) What Does a CPU Do Before Going to Work (in an Embedded System)? - Josef Holzmayr, Mender.io Liffey Hall 2 (Level 1) What's Missing in Embedded Build Systems - Arnout Vandecappelle, Essensium/Mind Liffey Meeting Room 2 (Level 1) Elevating the Role of Open Technology in Sustainability - Building the Metrics of Success - Amanda Brock, OpenUK Wicklow Meeting Room 3 (Level 2) Scaling KVM and Its Community - Sean Christopherson, Google Liffey A (Level 1) The Kernel Report - Jonathan Corbet, LWN.net Auditorium (Level 3) Bringing ML Workflows to Heterogeneous Cloud Native Machine Learning Platforms by Using Intermediate Representation - Tommy Li & Animesh Singh, IBM Wicklow Meeting Room 2 (Level 2) Cloud Anatomy 101: Breaking Down Cloud-Native - Grace Jansen, IBM Liffey B Part 2 (Level 1) Mind Mapping Open Source Program Offices - Ana Jiménez Santamaría, TODO Group & Thomas Steenbergen, EPAM EcoCem Room (Level 2) Do You Know What's in the Software You Run? Introducing GitBOM - Nell Shamrell-Harrington, Microsoft Wicklow Hall 2B (Level 2) Sponsored Session: Dependencies: Do's and Don'ts - Guy Bar Gil & Rhys Arkins, Mend Liffey Meeting Room 1 (Level 1) Getting Started with Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) - Leonard Sheng Sheng Lee, Computas Liffey Meeting Room 3 (Level 1)

12:10 IST

Is OpenStack Still Needed in 2022? - Thierry Carrez, Open Infrastructure Foundation Wicklow Hall 2A (Level 2) Open Source: The Next Generation - Mike Swift, Major League Hacking Wicklow Meeting Room 1 (Level 2) Back to Basics, Getting Traffic Into your Kubernetes Cluster - Nicolas Fränkel, api7.ai Wicklow Hall 1 (Level 2) Basics of I2C on Linux - Luca Ceresoli, Bootlin Liffey Hall 1 (Level 1) Challenges of Deploying eBPF-based Tracing in Embedded Systems, and Alternatives in Embedded Platforms Libtracefs/libtraceevent - Bean Huo, Micron Liffey Meeting Room 2 (Level 1) Using OpenEmbedded Inside Containers? How and Why? - Drew Moseley, Toradex Liffey Hall 2 (Level 1) A Reference Architecture for Trust over the Internet with Universal Interoperability - Wenjing Chu, Futurewei Technologies Inc Wicklow Meeting Room 3 (Level 2) Panel Discussion: Designing and Implementing Sustainable Solutions with MongoDB on IBM LinuxONE - Kara Todd & Tina Tarquinio, IBM; Bryan Young, Home Lending Pal; Martin Kennedy, Citigroup & Joe Drumgoole, Mongo... Liffey Meeting Room 1 (Level 1) The Future of Digital Wallets - Daniel Goldscheider, Advocate for Open Digital Wallets Wicklow Meeting Room 5 (Level 2) Protected KVM on Arm64: A Technical Deep Dive - Quentin Perret, Google Liffey A (Level 1) How to Report Your Linux Kernel Bug - Thorsten Leemhuis, Freelancer Auditorium (Level 3) Airflow: Save Tons of Money by Using Deferrable Operators - Kaxil Naik, Astronomer Wicklow Meeting Room 2 (Level 2) Avoiding Pain When Operating in the Cloud - Neil Armitage, Amido Liffey B Part 2 (Level 1) Privacy-preserving Approaches to Transparency Logs - Hayden Blauzvern, Google Wicklow Hall 2B (Level 2)

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14:20 IST

The Challenges and Solutions of Open Edge Infrastructures - Ildiko Vancsa, Open Infrastructure Foundation Wicklow Hall 2A (Level 2) Transformative Mediation for your Code of Conduct & Community Management Toolkit - Joanna Lee, Gesmer Updegrove LLP Wicklow Meeting Room 1 (Level 2) Sponsored Session: Integrating Software Stacks with BuildStream 2.0 and the Remote Execution API - Sam Thursfield, Codethink Liffey Meeting Room 2 (Level 1) Tales from the Crypt: Implementing Secure Boot and Disk Encryption on Tegra Platforms - Tim Orling, Konsulko Group Liffey Hall 1 (Level 1) Panel Discussion: Research Insights Revealed! World of Open Source: Europe Spotlight 2022 - Hilary Carter & Gabriele Columbro, The Linux Foundation; Colin Eberhardt, Scott Logic; Sachiko Muto, OpenForum Europe Wicklow Meeting Room 3 (Level 2) Panel Discussion: KVM-based Virtualization Contributor Q&A - Sean Christopherson, Google; Christoffer Dall, Arm; Will Deacon, Google; Susie Li, Intel; Paolo Bonzini, Red Hat & Moderated by Kashyap Chamarthy, Red... Liffey A (Level 1) Building an Open Metadata and Governance Ecosystem - Nigel Jones & David Radley, IBM Wicklow Meeting Room 2 (Level 2) What Container Runtime Engine Do I Need? - Abubakar Siddiq Ango, GitLab Liffey B Part 2 (Level 1) EUs Efforts to Secure Open Source Software - Ciara Carey, Cloudsmith EcoCem Room (Level 2) VEXing Open Source Security: Vulnerability Data for Everything - Andrew Martin, ControlPlane & Andres Vega Wicklow Hall 2B (Level 2) Ansible 101 - Bruno Cornec, FLOSSITA Association & Frédéric Passeron, HPE Liffey Meeting Room 3 (Level 1)

15:15 IST

Open Source Ops Fast Track with Operate First - Marcel Hild & Oindrilla Chatterjee, Red Hat Wicklow Hall 2A (Level 2) Stop Reinventing the Wheel! Community Management in 3 Steps - Karsten G Wade, Red Hat Wicklow Meeting Room 1 (Level 2) Buildpacks+: A Gradual Move to Cloud Native Image Builds - David Freilich, AppsFlyer Wicklow Hall 1 (Level 2) Booting Automotive ECUs Really Fast with Modern Security Features - Brendan Le Foll, BMW Car IT GmbH Liffey Hall 2 (Level 1) Leveraging Next Generation Cellular Networks for Drone Telemetry and Payload Communication - Ngonidzashe Mombeshora, University of Cape Town Liffey Hall 1 (Level 1) Merging your Kernel Testing Code into KernelCI - Alice Ferrazzi & Hirotaka Motai, MIRACLE LINUX powered by Cybertrust Japan Co., Ltd. Liffey Meeting Room 2 (Level 1) Fireside Chat with Soumith Chintala, Meta & Dr. Ibraham Haddad, LF AI & Data Foundation and PyTorch Foundation Liffey Meeting Room 1 (Level 1) How Open Source Helps a Grid Operator with the Challenges of the Energy Transition - Jonas van den Bogaard & Nico Rikken, Alliander N.V. Wicklow Meeting Room 3 (Level 2) Open-Source QEMU and RTL Co-simulation - Edgar Iglesias, AMD Liffey A (Level 1) Building Robust ML Production Systems Using OSS Tools for Continuous Delivery for ML (CD4ML) - Dr. Fabio M. Grätz, Merantix Momentum Wicklow Meeting Room 2 (Level 2) With FinOps Through the Cloud Cost Jungle - Vanessa Kantner & Vivien Pfeiffer, Liquid Reply Liffey B Part 2 (Level 1) Gitsign – Keyless Git Commit Signing - Billy Lynch, Chainguard Inc Wicklow Hall 2B (Level 2)

16:10 IST

16:40 IST

RecoverMonitor: Edge-enabled Open-source Wearable Devices for Monitoring Healthcare Remote Patient Recovery with Precision and Efficiency - Peng Du & Preston Lau, Futurewei Technologies Wicklow Hall 2A (Level 2) Sponsored Session: Killing the Reverse Proxy from the Inside: the Evolution of NGINX Unit - Liam Crilly, NGINX Liffey Meeting Room 1 (Level 1) The Business Of Open Source: How Big Money, Investors, and Greed are Changing Open Source Forever - Donnie Berkholz, Percona Wicklow Meeting Room 1 (Level 2) How Testability Drives Observability - Ken Hamric, Tracetest (Kubeshop) Wicklow Hall 1 (Level 2) Automating and Managing an IoT Fleet Using Git - Matthias Lüscher, Schindler AG Liffey Hall 1 (Level 1) How to Get Your DT Schema Bindings Accepted in Less than 10 Iterations - Krzysztof Kozlowski, Linaro Liffey Meeting Room 2 (Level 1) Implementing UEFI-based Secure Boot + OTA Update for Embedded ARM Devices - Jan Kiszka & Christian Storm, Siemens AG Liffey Hall 2 (Level 1) How the Lessons of COVID-19 are Helping to Improve Healthcare Delivery - Adam Fowler, VMware Wicklow Meeting Room 3 (Level 2) Unifying Confidential Attestation - Tobin Feldman-FItzthum & Dov Murik, IBM Liffey A (Level 1) QEMU: Emulating Your Way to Success - Ben Dooks, Codethink Auditorium (Level 3) Diskless Booting of RPi 400 Using Bootp, tftp, iscsi and NFS - Pascal van Dam, Poortier Management Liffey Meeting Room 3 (Level 1) Getting Into Linux Kernel Development After 30 Years - Muhammad Usama Anjum, Collabora Liffey B Part 2 (Level 1) When Your Open Source Tool Turns to the Dark Side - Dotan Horovits, Logz.io EcoCem Room (Level 2) Attesting Practically: Exploring the Glue Behind Secure Runtime Environments - Jim Bugwadia, Nirmata Wicklow Hall 2B (Level 2)

16:50 IST

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