September 13-16, 2022
Dublin, Ireland + Virtual
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Friday, September 16

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Deep Dive into Building Streaming Applications with Apache Pulsar - Timothy Spann, StreamNative Wicklow Hall 2B (Level 2) Implementing Container Privilege Escalation Detection using eBPF for Cloud Native Security - Inhyeok Jang & Sungjin Kim, The Affiliated Institute of ETRI Wicklow Hall 1 (Level 2) Software Supply Chain Aspects in Infrastructure as Code, and How to Secure it - Lior Kaplan, Checkmarx Wicklow Hall 2A (Level 2) Improving the Impact of Diversity Initiatives in Africa - Abubakar Siddiq Ango, GitLab Wicklow Meeting Room 5 (Level 2) Design of an Open Source, Modular, 5G Capable, Container based, Scientific Data Capture Hexacopter - Mauro Borrageiro & Ngoni Mombeshora, University of Cape Town Liffey Meeting Room 1 (Level 1) Embedded Containers as a Deployment Component via the Yocto Project - Bruce Ashfield, AMD Liffey Meeting Room 2 (Level 1) Linux for Space - Mission Begins - Lenka Kosková Třísková & Lukáš Mázl, Technical University of Liberec Liffey Hall 2 (Level 1) OverlayFS and its use in Yocto Project - Vyacheslav Yurkov, Precitec GmbH & Co. KG Liffey Hall 1 (Level 1) Making Use of DAPR in the Real World - Chris Lloyd-Jones, Avanade Wicklow Meeting Room 3 (Level 2) A Guardian Angel of File Systems: Monitoring for File System Errors in Data Centers - Gabriel Krisman Bertazi, Collabora Auditorium (Level 3) OpenDataology - An Open Source Dataset License Compliance Project Initiative - Gopi Krishnan Rajbahadur, Huawei Technologies Canada Wicklow Meeting Room 2 (Level 2) Encore Presentation: Bootloaders 101: How Do Embedded Processors Start? - Bryan Brattlof, Texas Instruments Wicklow Meeting Room 1 (Level 2) How Kubernetes Plays Tetris with Your Containers - Salman Iqbal, Appvia Liffey B Part 2 (Level 1) Eat Your Own Dogfood - How Upstream Orientation Changed the Way We Work in Open Source Management - Marcel Kurzmann, Bosch.IO GmbH EcoCem Room (Level 2)

11:45 IST

How to Get Your Application Developers to Fall in Love with Kubernetes & Cloud Native Applications - Lukonde Mwila, SUSE Wicklow Hall 2B (Level 2) What’s Brewing at the Open Source Initiative - Stefano Maffulli, Open Source Initiative Wicklow Meeting Room 1 (Level 2) Monitoring Energy Consumption and Building Energy Efficient Systems the Cloud Native Way - Parul Singh, Red Hat Wicklow Hall 1 (Level 2) Podman 101 and Beyond! - Pierre Blanc, Red Hat Wicklow Hall 2A (Level 2) Bad Behaviour: Automating System-level Safety Testing Using Open Source Tools - Paul Albertella, Codethink Liffey Meeting Room 3 (Level 1) All Hands on Deck: Mentorship Breakdowns and How You Can Prevent Them! - Divya Mohan, SUSE Wicklow Meeting Room 5 (Level 2) Contributing to Zephyr vs (Linux and U-boot) - Parthiban Nallathambi, Linumiz Liffey Meeting Room 1 (Level 1) Application Support with Libcamera - Kieran Bingham, Ideas on Board Liffey Hall 2 (Level 1) Day-to-day Testing of Linux 'Next' Kernel Branch - My Story - Marek Szyprowski, Samsung Electronics Poland R&D Center Liffey Meeting Room 2 (Level 1) Updating and Modernizing Clk (Clock) Drivers - Chen-Yu Tsai, Google Liffey Hall 1 (Level 1) Open Source in Financial Services: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly - James McLeod, FINOS Wicklow Meeting Room 3 (Level 2) Lessons Learned When Updating Userspace ABIs - Wolfram Sang, Sang Engineering Auditorium (Level 3) Fyne UI Toolkit: Enabling a Truly Platform-Agnostic Development of Graphical Applications - Andrew Williams, Fyne Labs Wicklow Meeting Room 2 (Level 2) Pod Through a Magnifying Glass - Chetan Shivashankar, Percona Liffey B Part 2 (Level 1) Engagement of Open Source Communities – A Deep-dive Into EPAM’s OSPO - Christopher Howard & Anastasiia Usacheva, EPAM EcoCem Room (Level 2)

12:25 IST

13:20 IST

13:55 IST

How Geo-Distributed Apps Use Global Cloud Infra for Speed and Compliance - Denis Magda, Yugabyte Wicklow Hall 2B (Level 2) Building an Open Source Community from the Ground Up: 10 Lessons Learned from InnerSource Commons Foundation - Danese Cooper, InnerSource Commons Foundation Wicklow Meeting Room 1 (Level 2) Containerizing & Orchestrating Hadoop Infrastructure at Scale - Mithun (Matt) Mathew, Uber Wicklow Hall 2A (Level 2) Vcluster - How we Put a Virtual Kubernetes Cluster Inside Another Kubernetes - Pratik Jagrut, Loft Labs Wicklow Hall 1 (Level 2) Move Fast Build Things… Safely! - Mohammed Aboullaite, Spotify Liffey Meeting Room 3 (Level 1) Technical Mentorship for Women Engineers and PxMs - Rupa Dachere, Thrive-WiSE Wicklow Meeting Room 5 (Level 2) OTA DFU Without Compromise - Brandon D Satrom, Blues Wireless Liffey Meeting Room 1 (Level 1) Being Systematic with systemd - Chris Simmonds, 2net Ltd Liffey Hall 1 (Level 1) Design and Implementation of RISC-V Based LoRa Module - Mark Njoroge, University Of Cape Town Liffey Hall 2 (Level 1) Long Jumping Linux 2.6...5.10 - Parthiban Nallathambi, Linumiz Liffey Meeting Room 2 (Level 1) Open Source Enabled Power Grid Management Architecture - Lucian Balea & Benoît Jeanson, RTE Wicklow Meeting Room 3 (Level 2) Deep Dive Into Linux Kernel Livepatch - Aakarsh Jain, Samsung Semiconductor India R & D Auditorium (Level 3) Quantum Hello World, Understanding Quantum Computing Today - Timothy Serewicz, The Linux Foundation Liffey B Part 2 (Level 1) What to Share, When, and Where - Creating a Distributed and Efficient Contribution Process While Balancing Value and Risk - Johan Linåker, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden EcoCem Room (Level 2)

14:50 IST

How to Coordinate Your Multi-cluster Kubernetes Environment with Ease - Laszlo Bence Nagy & Varga Zsolt , Cisco Wicklow Hall 2B (Level 2) Why You Need to Think and Act Like an Editor - Nicole Martinelli, Intel Wicklow Meeting Room 1 (Level 2) Introduction to Nydus Image Service on In-kernel EROFS - Xiang Gao, Alibaba Cloud & Xin Yin, Bytedance Wicklow Hall 2A (Level 2) Pods on Steroids - A Case Study of Migrating Flipkart.com to K8s on Bare Metal - Neeraj Bisht & Livingstone SE, Flipkart.com Wicklow Hall 1 (Level 2) Policy As [Versioned] Code - Chris Nesbitt-Smith, learnk8s | UK Government Liffey Meeting Room 3 (Level 1) Accessible Websites - A Prolegomenon - AmyJune Hineline, Red Hat Wicklow Meeting Room 5 (Level 2) USB Support in Zephyr OS - Johann Fischer, Nordic Semiconductor Liffey Meeting Room 1 (Level 1) From Zero to A/B: Swimming Upstream with Yocto, Barebox and RAUC - Roland Hieber & Ahmad Fatoum, Pengutronix e.K. Liffey Meeting Room 2 (Level 1) Linux on RISC-V and the New OS-A Platform - Drew Fustini, BayLibre Liffey Hall 2 (Level 1) Trading fbdev for DRM, No Returns Accepted - Geert Uytterhoeven, Glider bv Liffey Hall 1 (Level 1) Open-Source Critical Asset Management for Climate Resilience - Dr. Gavin Mendel-Gleason, TerminusDB Wicklow Meeting Room 3 (Level 2) Tracing VMs Seeing How Host and Guest Interact - Steven Rostedt, Google Auditorium (Level 3) The Evolution of Milvus: A Cloud-Native Vector Database - Frank Liu, Zilliz Wicklow Meeting Room 2 (Level 2) Open-Source - Open Choice: A DevOps Guide for OSS Adoption - Hila Fish, Wix.com Liffey B Part 2 (Level 1) Peanut Butter and Chocolate - Bringing together Government and Open Source - Silona Bonewald, IEEE SA OPEN EcoCem Room (Level 2)

15:30 IST

15:55 IST

What Happens After 7 Virtual Contributor Summits? - Greg Sutcliffe, Red Hat Wicklow Meeting Room 1 (Level 2) A Different Kind of S3: First Line Security of the Supply Chain - John Amaral, Slim.AI Wicklow Hall 2A (Level 2) Bootiful Kubernetes Operators - Tiffany Jernigan & Josh Long, VMware Wicklow Hall 1 (Level 2) The Need to Drive Towards Frequent and Sustained Software Updates - Mark Asselstine, Wind River Liffey Meeting Room 3 (Level 1) Squashing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Bugs in Open Source Projects - Georg Link, Bitergia Wicklow Meeting Room 5 (Level 2) Writing an Embedded Operating System in Rust - Alistair Francis, Western Digital Liffey Meeting Room 1 (Level 1) RISC-V and Open Source Hardware Projects BoF - Drew Fustini, BayLibre Liffey Meeting Room 2 (Level 1) What Lockdep Does and Doesn't - Byungchul Park, LG Electronics Liffey Hall 1 (Level 1) Building DevOps Metrics for your Choice of CD Tools Through CDEvents - Andrea Frittoli, IBM & Erik Sternerson, doWhile Wicklow Meeting Room 3 (Level 2) LTTng: Beyond Ring-Buffer Based Tracing - Jérémie Galarneau, EfficiOS Auditorium (Level 3) Training AI To Code Using The Largest Code Dataset (Project CodeNet) - Tommy Li & Animesh Singh, IBM Wicklow Meeting Room 2 (Level 2) Encore Presentation: Linux Tracing Techniques - Vandana Salve, Prasme Systems Wicklow Hall 2B (Level 2) Understanding the Kubernetes Networking Layer - Margarita Manterola Rivero, Isovalent Liffey B Part 2 (Level 1) Simple Steps for a Calm “Sunset” - Stefka Dimitrova, VMware Inc EcoCem Room (Level 2)

16:50 IST


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