September 13-16, 2022
Dublin, Ireland + Virtual
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Tuesday, September 13

09:00 IST

09:55 IST

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Wednesday, September 14

11:00 IST

11:15 IST

Distributed Tracing Integration with OpenTelemetry and Knative - Daniel Oh, Red Hat Wicklow Hall 2A (Level 2) Panel: Growing Open Source in the Irish Government - Clare Dillon, Open Ireland Network; Tony Shannon, Government of Ireland; Tim Willoughby, Ireland's Police Service; Gar Mac Criosta, Linux Foundation Public Health... Wicklow Meeting Room 1 (Level 2) Interactive Debugging of Dockerfile With Buildg - Kohei Tokunaga, NTT Corporation Wicklow Hall 1 (Level 2) Board Farms for Everyone: Making Hardware Debugging Easier and Sharing Boards Across the Globe! - Christopher Obbard, Collabora Ltd Liffey Hall 1 (Level 1) What Does a CPU Do Before Going to Work (in an Embedded System)? - Josef Holzmayr, Mender.io Liffey Hall 2 (Level 1) What's Missing in Embedded Build Systems - Arnout Vandecappelle, Essensium/Mind Liffey Meeting Room 2 (Level 1) Elevating the Role of Open Technology in Sustainability - Building the Metrics of Success - Amanda Brock, OpenUK Wicklow Meeting Room 3 (Level 2) Scaling KVM and Its Community - Sean Christopherson, Google Liffey A (Level 1) The Kernel Report - Jonathan Corbet, LWN.net Auditorium (Level 3) Bringing ML Workflows to Heterogeneous Cloud Native Machine Learning Platforms by Using Intermediate Representation - Tommy Li & Animesh Singh, IBM Wicklow Meeting Room 2 (Level 2) Cloud Anatomy 101: Breaking Down Cloud-Native - Grace Jansen, IBM Liffey B Part 2 (Level 1) Mind Mapping Open Source Program Offices - Ana Jiménez Santamaría, TODO Group & Thomas Steenbergen, EPAM EcoCem Room (Level 2) Getting Started with Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) - Leonard Sheng Sheng Lee, Computas Liffey Meeting Room 3 (Level 1)

12:10 IST

14:20 IST

15:15 IST

16:40 IST

RecoverMonitor: Edge-enabled Open-source Wearable Devices for Monitoring Healthcare Remote Patient Recovery with Precision and Efficiency - Peng Du & Preston Lau, Futurewei Technologies Wicklow Hall 2A (Level 2) Sponsored Session: Killing the Reverse Proxy from the Inside: the Evolution of NGINX Unit - Liam Crilly, NGINX Liffey Meeting Room 1 (Level 1) The Business Of Open Source: How Big Money, Investors, and Greed are Changing Open Source Forever - Donnie Berkholz, Percona Wicklow Meeting Room 1 (Level 2) How Testability Drives Observability - Ken Hamric, Tracetest (Kubeshop) Wicklow Hall 1 (Level 2) Automating and Managing an IoT Fleet Using Git - Matthias Lüscher, Schindler AG Liffey Hall 1 (Level 1) How to Get Your DT Schema Bindings Accepted in Less than 10 Iterations - Krzysztof Kozlowski, Linaro Liffey Meeting Room 2 (Level 1) Implementing UEFI-based Secure Boot + OTA Update for Embedded ARM Devices - Jan Kiszka & Christian Storm, Siemens AG Liffey Hall 2 (Level 1) How the Lessons of COVID-19 are Helping to Improve Healthcare Delivery - Adam Fowler, VMware Wicklow Meeting Room 3 (Level 2) Unifying Confidential Attestation - Tobin Feldman-FItzthum & Dov Murik, IBM Liffey A (Level 1) QEMU: Emulating Your Way to Success - Ben Dooks, Codethink Auditorium (Level 3) Diskless Booting of RPi 400 Using Bootp, tftp, iscsi and NFS - Pascal van Dam, Poortier Management Liffey Meeting Room 3 (Level 1) Getting Into Linux Kernel Development After 30 Years - Muhammad Usama Anjum, Collabora Liffey B Part 2 (Level 1) When Your Open Source Tool Turns to the Dark Side - Dotan Horovits, Logz.io EcoCem Room (Level 2)
Thursday, September 15

11:00 IST

11:15 IST

11:55 IST

Security with Certificates in Kubernetes - Akshat Khanna & Unnati Mishra, VMware Wicklow Hall 2A (Level 2) The Role of Foundations in Today's Open Source - Thierry Carrez, Open Infrastructure Foundation Wicklow Meeting Room 1 (Level 2) Panel Discussion: Open Source as a Second Language - Chan Voong, Comcast; Clare Dillon, Innersource Commons; Nithya Ruff, Amazon; Ana Jimenez Santamaria, TODO Group; Vicky Twomey-Lee, Coding Grace Wicklow Meeting Room 5 (Level 2) Using OpenThread to Enable Low-Power IP Connectivity on Your MCU Project - Stefan Schmidt, Huawei Technologies Liffey Meeting Room 1 (Level 1) Beyond Complex Cameras: Complex Video Graphs Using PipeWire - George Kiagiadakis, Collabora Liffey Hall 1 (Level 1) From a Security Expert's Diary: DOs and DON'Ts When Choosing Software for your Next Embedded Product - Marta Rybczynska, Huawei OSTC Liffey Hall 2 (Level 1) Implementing A/B System Updates with U-Boot - Michael Opdenacker, Bootlin Liffey Meeting Room 2 (Level 1) Managing Audits for Critical Open Source Projects - Amir Montazery, Open Source Technology Improvement Fund, Inc (OSTIF) Wicklow Hall 2B (Level 2) Panel: Blockchain in Action in the Fight Against Climate Change - Daniela Barbosa, Linux Foundation; Coenraad Van Deventer, Circulor; Nancy Norris, Government of British Columbia; Kamlesh Nagware, Snapper Future... Wicklow Meeting Room 3 (Level 2) Defining an Open Source AI - Stefano Maffulli, Open Source Initiative Wicklow Meeting Room 2 (Level 2) Sponsored Session: Creating Community in a Complex World: Everything Old is New Again - Amy Marrich, Red Hat EcoCem Room (Level 2) Tracking Attackers in Open Source Supply Chain Attacks: The New Frontier - Tzachi ( Zack) Zorenshtain, Checkmarx Liffey Meeting Room 3 (Level 1)

14:05 IST

Show Me the Schema! RPCs and Learning to Love Code Gen - Eddie Zaneski, Chainguard Wicklow Hall 2A (Level 2) Encore Presentation: Building and Supporting Open Source Communities Through Metrics - Georg Link & Emilio Galeano Gryciuk, Bitergia Auditorium (Level 3) Tightrope Walking: Best Practices & Lessons Learned on Community and Business Building From the World's Best Open Source Creators & Maintainers - Ben Rometsch, Flagsmith Wicklow Meeting Room 1 (Level 2) The Unexpected Demise of Open Source Libraries - Liran Tal, Snyk Liffey Meeting Room 1 (Level 1) Cameras, Devicetree and ACPI: A Device Driver Perspective - Sakari Ailus, Intel Liffey Hall 1 (Level 1) Growing a Lab for Automated Upstream Testing: Challenges and Lessons Learned - Laura Nao, Collabora Ltd. Liffey Hall 2 (Level 1) Walking Through the Linux-Based Graphics Stack - Paul Kocialkowski, Bootlin Liffey Meeting Room 2 (Level 1) How to Help the Next Generation - Jeff Reser, SUSE Liffey Meeting Room 3 (Level 1) Understanding Self-Sovereign Identity the Open Standards and the Open Source - Kaliya Young, Identity Woman Wicklow Meeting Room 3 (Level 2) Panel Discussion: Corporate Strategies for Sustainable Investing in the Open Source Ecosystem - Mike Fix, Stripe, Inc.; Richard Littauer, Open Source Collective; Suzanne Ambiel, VMware & Alyssa Wright, Bloomber... EcoCem Room (Level 2) How To Break a Network - Jack Min Ong, MoneyLion Liffey B Part 2 (Level 1) Data, Equity & Allyship Workshop - Dora Grzetic, Avanade UKI & Sarah Rench, Avanade Wicklow Hall 2B (Level 2)

15:00 IST

Kubetest2: Because Now You Can Test Kubernetes on Your Bespoke Cloud Too! - Priyanka Saggu, VMware Wicklow Hall 2A (Level 2) Panel Discussion: Community Response to Non-Practicing Entity Patent Risk in OSS - Shawn Ambwani, Unified Patents; Keith Bergelt, Open Invention Network; Karen Copenhaver, The Linux Foundation & Stephen Walli... Wicklow Meeting Room 1 (Level 2) The Current and Future State of Istio - Lin Sun, Solo.io Wicklow Hall 1 (Level 2) Address Space Isolation for Enhanced Safety of the Linux Kernel - Igor Stoppa, NVIDIA Liffey Meeting Room 1 (Level 1) How the LFX Mentorship Program Helped me Level-Up My Career - Navendu Pottekkat, API7.ai Wicklow Meeting Room 5 (Level 2) CIP (Civil Infrastructure Platform): Reusing and Strengthening OSS Component Security for Achieving Industrial Grade Security - Dinesh Kumar, Toshiba Software India Pvt Ltd Liffey Hall 2 (Level 1) SBOMs: Essential for Embedded Systems Too! - Kate Stewart, The Linux Foundation Liffey Meeting Room 2 (Level 1) Technical Introduction to EVerest: Open Source Firmware for EV Charging Stations - Kai-Uwe Hermann & Piet Gömpel, PIONIX GmbH Liffey Hall 1 (Level 1) Demystifying the WASM Landscape: A Primer - Divya Mohan, SUSE Wicklow Meeting Room 3 (Level 2) How to Build Trustworthy AI with Open Source - Diana Atanasova & Teodora Sechkova, VMware Wicklow Meeting Room 2 (Level 2) How to Identify and Avoid Cracks and Bumps in your Digital Infrastructure? By Considering the Health of Open Source in your Intake Process - Johan Linåker, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden Liffey Meeting Room 3 (Level 1)

16:10 IST

17:05 IST

Encore Presentation: To RTOS, or not RTOS: That is the Question - Frédéric Desbiens, Eclipse Foundation Liffey Meeting Room 1 (Level 1) Two Roads Diverged in the Observability Woods: I Took the E2E One - Prashansa Kulshrestha, Postman Inc. Wicklow Hall 2A (Level 2) Encore Presentation: Drive Your Business With Open Source Sponsorship - Wolfgang Gehring, Mercedes-Benz Tech Innovation Liffey B Part 2 (Level 1) How to Disengage the Open Source Community - Jonathan Headland, Citrix Wicklow Meeting Room 1 (Level 2) Sponsored Session: Empathetic Approach to Containerized Deployments: Make your Product Available for Everyone! - Angel Borroy & Antoine Thomas, Hyland Wicklow Hall 2B (Level 2) The Gender Gap in Open Source is a Metadata Problem (and we can fix it) - Sal Kimmich, Sonatype Wicklow Meeting Room 5 (Level 2) Are you Sure your System Applications are Secure? Reduce Exploitation Risk via Application Specific Hardening - Kjell Pirschel, ETAS GmbH & Philipp Ahmann, Robert Bosch GmbH Liffey Hall 1 (Level 1) RAUC: (R)evolution of an Update Framework - Enrico Jörns, Pengutronix Liffey Meeting Room 2 (Level 1) Zero-Overhead Virtualisation: It's a Trap! - Ralf Ramsauer & Stefan Huber, OTH Regensburg Liffey Hall 2 (Level 1) Open Source for Equality - Promoting Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment Through Open Source Solutions Built by Women - Marcel Heyne, URIDU Wicklow Meeting Room 3 (Level 2) Distrobox - Run Any App from Any Distro - Luca Di Maio, Contractor Auditorium (Level 3) Extending SBOMs to Describe AI Systems - Karen Bennet, Independent & Kate Stewart, The Linux Foundation Wicklow Meeting Room 2 (Level 2) Your Open Source Program Office, Your Program Management Organization, And You - Duane O'Brien & Talia Tupling, Indeed EcoCem Room (Level 2) Sponsored Session: Because Security Matters: Securing Your Open Source Supply Chain - Michal Svec & Stacey Miller, SUSE Liffey Meeting Room 3 (Level 1)

18:00 IST

Friday, September 16

09:00 IST

09:50 IST

10:50 IST

11:45 IST

13:55 IST

14:50 IST

15:55 IST

16:50 IST


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